Welcome to the Grow Healthy – Team Nutrition Webinar series. These webinars provide guidance and resources to help school and early care staff achieve their site's wellness goals. The webinars are:

Each webinar may be viewed separately at your convenience by downloading the PowerPoint on this site or via YouTube. After viewing each webinar, and completing the accompanying evaluation survey, you will receive a Certificate of Participation.


Choosing Recipes for Healthy Kids in Early Care Settings

This educational webinar will utilize the Letís Move/Team Nutrition cookbook Recipes for Healthy Kids: Cookbook for Childcare Centers to provide nutrition information to providers of young children.

Role Modeling Healthy Behaviors in Early Care Centers

Early childhood educators have the unique opportunity to influence health behaviors. This webinar provides strategies to model behaviors to help children develop healthy eating and physical activity habits.

Win with Tastings in Early Care Centers

Food tastings are a great way to introduce children to new foods, especially fruits and vegetables; plan menus; and expand the curriculum. This educational webinar helps early childhood educators plan and conduct successful food tastings.

Wellness Policies in Early Care Centers

Discover best practices in food and beverage services, physical activity, nutrition education, screen time, staff role-modeling and parent engagement to help you examine and improve your early care center's wellness policies.

SMART Snacks in Schools and the New Breakfast Meal Pattern for School Year 2014 - 2015

This timely webinar by Steve Bergonzoni of USDA, hosted by New Jersey Dept. of Agriculture, is about Smart Snacks and the Breakfast Meal pattern changes for School year 2014-15. These changes will go into effect this July!

Screenshot of USDA webinar.

Win - Win with Student Taste Testing Activities

School Nutrition Professionals will find winning strategies for using Taste Testing Activities to improve student awareness of new menu requirements and their intake of fruits and vegetables.